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From Cantraip Press:
TRACE, Book 1 of the TraceWorld Series

Order it on Amazon here. Review it on GoodReads here.

Nola Lantri is a tracist: she can sense the particles of energy that are released when the human body expires. It’s a somewhat gruesome ability, and one of questionable value, but Nola tries her best to use it to bring a little more meaning and excitement to her otherwise drab life in upstate New York. She has assisted the Redfort Police Department on missing persons cases, and while most of the cops have little respect for her work, Nola is determined to prove her worth. The chance to do just that comes when the richest man in town, Culver Bryant, disappears. Suddenly Nola finds herself in the middle of a case that is both baffling and increasingly dangerous, the danger appearing in the form of death threats as well as the missing man’s brother, Grayson. Does Grayson Bryant pursue Nola to seduce her or to stop her—and why does Nola feel a connection with him despite her mistrust?

“Letitia Moffitt has a winner with Trace! She blends police procedural, supernatural thriller, and romance with a skill which as a writer I admired and as a reader I enjoyed enormously. An engaging protagonist, a deepening mystery, and great pacing add up to a terrifically entertaining read.” – Frank Chadwick, author of How Dark the World Becomes

Trace is funny and engaging, and best of all, a page-turner. Mystery meets paranormal in Moffitt’s big-hearted heroine, Nola. Wholly believable—when you’re done, you’ll wonder where the tracists have been hiding all this time.” – Lania Knight, author of Three Cubic Feet

“Moffitt draws a compelling accidental heroine in Nola Lantri, a no-nonsense, crime-solving ‘tracist’ who struggles to be normal despite her paranormal abilities.” – Jeff Kohmstedt, author of The Fifth Kraut

"Trace is a wonderful novel—entertaining and suspenseful with a fascinating premise and pitch-perfect writing. What I love most is Nola Lantri, the smart, steely, and often sarcastic heroine who holds her own in a masculine world. More Nola Lantri books, please!” – Daiva Markelis, author of White Field, Black Sheep

“Moffitt's writing is utterly engaging right from the first page. I couldn't put it down. If you like Megan Abbott's style of new noir, then you will absolutely love Trace.” – Tommy Zurhellen, author of Armageddon, Texas


Order it on Amazon here. Review it on GoodReads here.

VIBE: He can read your mind.

Eric Lafferty has returned to Redfort City a little too late for his father’s funeral but just in time to get mixed-up in a mystery that involves Nola Lantri, Grayson Bryant, a dead girl and a missing woman. Eric’s ability to read the vibrational changes in brain waves should be an asset, yet it only seems to make life more difficult for him—and given that he and Nola might be the next victims, things are difficult enough.

SYNC: She can put you in a trance.

Emjay used to steal things—nothing big, just enough to get by—but after a tragic accident changes her life, Emjay has only one thing on her mind: revenge. Suddenly private investigator Nola Lantri appears and questions Emjay about her past—and informs her that the mysterious man she works for has a complicated past of his own. Emjay must figure out the best use of her odd ability to “sync,” a technique intended to help people heal—but one that can also cause a whole lot of harm. 

“I loved Vibe/Sync! Nola Lantri is back along with a slew of fascinating characters, some merely odd, some deliciously creepy, and a few downright evil. As in Trace, the writing is razor sharp and the plot highly suspenseful. I started reading this wonderful novel and couldn’t put it down.” Daiva Markelis, author of White Field, Black Sheep

“Fellow Trace fans, we can now rejoice: Nola Lantri is back in Vibe/Sync, the second novel in Letitia Moffitt's ground-breaking para-thriller series. A girl is found murdered outside an apartment, and Nola finds herself in the middle of a new trace case, complete with vibrant new characters like Eric, a young man living on his own ledge. Vibe/Sync surprises with multiple points-of-view and plot twists that make this second book even better than the first. From the first page to the very last, I couldn't put this one down.” Tommy Zurhellen, author of Armageddon, Texas

“Moffitt does it again with Vibe/Sync, and Emjay is a perfect character to pull you back into the Trace world. Emjay is sharp, she’s conflicted, and she has a killer to catch.” Jeff Kohmstedt, author of The Fifth Kraut

“Letitia Moffitt returns to her TraceWorld series, giving us two new stories under one cover, two dramatically different new characters with two new paranormal talents, and so expands the scope of her world enormously. But Moffitt’s original engaging heroine, Nola Lantri, remains the glue which holds the stories together with wit and courage. - Frank Chadwick, author of How Dark the World Becomes

“Returning to the TraceWorld series, Letitia Moffitt expands Nola Lantri’s investigations with new characters, new abilities, and new adventures. Clever, inventive, and engaging, Vibe/Sync is a book that delights.” - Tawnysha Greene, author of A House Made of Stars

Moffitt’s writing, with its controlled energy, reads much like the supernatural abilities of her characters. Vibe/Sync gets under the skin, under the surface of the human performance. Like the newly-detected chirp of gravitational waves, this novel will surprise readers with its echoes, questions, and wildly suspenseful ending. - Catherine Zobal Dent, author of Unfinished Stories of Girls


SHIFT: His day never ends.

Private investigator Nola Lantri has taken on a new client—one she doesn’t quite trust. The client asks Nola to follow her boyfriend, Vaughn Miller, to see what he does over a 48-hour period. What Nola discovers about Vaughn is a relief to the client but an even bigger mystery to Nola, one that becomes entangled in a far more life-threatening mystery involving gang members out for blood—her blood.

TRAIL: She knows where you’ve been.

Something strange (well, stranger than usual) is happening to Nola Lantri: she doesn’t just see where people have died but where the living have been. This could help her tremendously as a private investigator, especially as she takes on the most important case of her life in hunting down the man behind a string of ruthless murders. But Nola’s friends have mixed feelings about how she is changing. Could she be going the way of Grayson Bryant—and facing a similar fate?


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