Sidewalk Dancing

Sidewalk Dancing was a finalist for Foreword Reviews Book of the Year in the multicultural fiction category!

Check out these reviews of Sidewalk Dancing, then order yourself a few copies from Atticus Books or Amazon and write your own review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Atticus Review: "Moffitt’s collection is a skillfully crafted, enjoyable read that navigates the universal but quirky idiosyncrasies of family through this multi-city, multi-perspective, multi-cultural novel."

Grab the Lapels: "Moffitt's book forces the reader to consider what is the truth - and just beyond white lies and truth bending - but [also] what it means to let people down over and over again when you thought you were thinking big, thinking differently."

The Summerset Review: "Moffitt has something here that hints at the layers beneath the surface, of things we want and don't want to hear. Read it with the full picture in mind; read it with self-reflection and thoughts of the word family."

News-Gazette: "If reading more is one of your 2014 resolutions, then put 'Sidewalk Dancing' at the top of your list."

Front Porch Journal: "This knockout of a story ["Living Dead"] is worth reading the book alone though the rest of the stories are similarly striking tales of woe and happiness told with enviable precision and heart."

Busking at the Seams: "The push and pull of their cross ethnic relationship is fascinating and Moffitt’s portrayal of their miscommunications and struggles is beautiful."

Green Mountains Review: "The stories build upon each other, drawing us further into the familial world the author creates."

Erin Reads: "Reading her prose is like slipping into warm bathwater: easy, comforting, delightful, relaxing. She expresses amazing depth with only a few words."

Smile Politely: "Sidewalk Dancing is an amazing novel of contrasts, frustrations, dreams, and disappointments."
Books, Personally: "I loved these stories, which are poignant, funny, nuanced and engaging. Moffitt creates complicated, interesting relationships between her characters, whom one can't help but like and admire, flaws and all."

And here is an interview of me on Books, Personally:

And here is one of my favorite blurbs of all time, from Book Review TV: "If you took a little Jhumpa Lahiri and mixed it with some Douglas Copeland and some Amy Tan, and then scooped little balls of it on to a greased cookie sheet and baked it for 15 minutes, you'd end up with something like the warm, well-crafted stories that are in Letitia Moffitt's new collection entitled Sidewalk dancing."

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