Monday, February 18, 2013

It just gets verse and verse

“So how’s that new novel of yours going? Written another chapter yet?” Shut up. I’m being poetic. Actually I’m addicted to silliness. I’m hooked on creating silly verses based on the “roses are red” format.

When food goes bad:
Leftovers stink
Then they turn blue
When they get furry
Just throw them out…ew

This one’s for my friend David:
States may be red
States may be blue
The Electoral College
Still chooses for you

Don’t forget literature and music and art:
Roses are red
Gangrene does smell
Becomes one man’s hell

Miles picks his horn up
and plays Kind of Blue
goes ‘Round About Midnight
then pours Bitches’ Brew
Pollock drips red
Green, orange, and blue
Folks still say “My kid
could paint like that too.”

This one’s a two-parter:
Fish that are red
Fish that are blue
Eggs that are green
And ham that is too

A cat wears a hat
A friend hears a Who
That Seussian world
I miss it, don’t you?
Such fun! You, too, can participate—just create your own red/blue poem based on the criteria specified in my last post. Best poem wins a prize!!! You can submit your poem here in the comments box or if you’re my facebook friend you can send it to me there. I reserve the right to randomly change the rules whenever I feel like doing so. This is poetry, man; poetry doesn’t need rules. (Except when it does.)

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